The elderly have special needs but sometimes they just don’t tell others about it. Most of them feel they are already neglected and taken for granted. They are lonely, bored and most of them suffer from chronic illness. Truth is that we care for them but are just too busy making a living and taking care of our children. There are also instances when family members take care of their elderly but get burned out with the task.
There must be a way by which the special needs (health, social, spiritual) of our elderly can be met. It might not be much but at least there’s something that is done to provide even a little of their needs on health, spirituality, socialization and relaxation.
It is on this context that East Negros Innovators for Development of Communities Inc., decided to come up with a project for our elderly.
Elder Care of Amlan believes that this type of project is a special way of caring for our elderly, so we decided to replicate it. Thus Elder Care of Amlan is organized to establish Elder Care Centers in the Barangays in Amlan.